Improve patient outcomes by ENHANCING data performance

We hear it all the time: Healthcare providers need faster response times to sensitive health information. Accessing actionable insight, in real time, is the only way to truly improve patient outcomes. But this need can’t jeopardize the security or integrity of the data.


Your speed, space and security

Healthcare data continues to intensify in volume and velocity. In many cases, we’re talking terabyte-sized data sets, which pose extraordinary challenges for today’s healthcare professionals:

How much storage and security will healthcare data require? And how quickly can it be delivered to providers who want on-demand insight to properly treat patients?

Combining Forsythe’s storage and security consulting expertise with the reliability of IBM Storage Solutions addresses these needs.


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IBM Storage portfolio

IBM Storage, which includes all-flash arrays as well as traditional disk and tape, transforms traditional IT infrastructure into secure environments that rapidly deliver high volumes of healthcare data. This ensures you get the information you need, at the moment you need it, to improve patient outcomes.

Compatibility and flexibility of IBM solutions are the qualities that set the portfolio apart. IBM delivers high-performance solutions such as flash storage to address specific storage needs. But IBM Storage products are also built to integrate into a comprehensive IBM solution. This makes it possible to achieve operational efficiency and avoid the pitfalls of complex, disparate point solutions.

Furthermore, IBM solutions are optimized to deploy well with EPIC, Lawson and Cerner, empowering providers to consolidate data stores, improve collaborative efforts across the healthcare ecosystem, and keep data management costs in check.

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Focus on the future

With 40 years as a technology partner, Forsythe helps manage the planning, process and migration — drastically reducing organizational risk that keeps key stakeholders up at night.

Technology leaders face the challenge of improving the speed and performance of healthcare data for their organizations. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be?

By providing IBM Storage for critical patient care and speed, we are delivering data via platforms you can rely on. Our consultative and comprehensive approach to your storage — including planning your ideal IBM solution and implementing a strategic and simplified migration — delivers the results you need to serve your healthcare stakeholders and your patients.


A proven partnership

The process of improving IT infrastructure in healthcare is as difficult, or more so, than in any other highly regulated area. Getting systems up and running successfully requires expertise, trust and partnership.

Together, IBM’s comprehensive storage solutions and Forsythe’s expertise translate to greater efficiency and an improved environment for patient success.

Learn how Forsythe and IBM work together to help healthcare organizations meet the same goals.


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