As enterprises continue to leverage mobile devices and cloud service models, the typical enterprise IT infrastructure has changed from a defined set of assets owned and controlled by the organization to a diverse pool of resources with fluctuating visibility and control.

Formerly enclosed network perimeters are now globally connected webs of users and devices that are accessing IT environments wherever, whenever and however they choose. These changes have led to new threats, high-profile data breaches and regulatory requirements that place intense pressure and scrutiny around IT security. Security incidents are a persistent business risk. So how can you protect your information assets and move forward with your business?

Forsythe Approach

Forsythe takes a holistic approach to IT security and risk management. With 44 years of experience across the IT spectrum, we are uniquely positioned to help reduce costs and the time it takes to identify, assess and remediate risks. We focus on the overall maturity and health of your program—where it is today, and where you would like it to be in the future. Our extensive expertise and comprehensive portfolio of offerings can help your organization manage business and IT operational risk to achieve a secure, resilient environment.

We offer leading-edge technology solutions, expert implementation and advisory services, managed services and proven methodologies backed by customized testing in Forsythe’s state-of-the-art Technology Evaluation Center. We help to advance your security and optimize your overall IT risk management strategy, so that you can protect your data, your intellectual property and your brand.




A Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) helps clients identify and resolve vulnerability problems. Prioritize security investments and reduce the time it takes to validate solutions. Using a data-driven approach (powered by Forsythe’s Accelerated Security Tool, known as FAST), an SVA  organizes a clients’ vulnerabilities and generates a unique score based on a company’s environment and assets. Once an SVA is completed, clients will receive recommendations based on their score…in order to improve their infrastructure and reduce business risk.



Our managed security services are designed to prevent security events and detect intrusion through automated processes, and to provide your organization with a single point of contact for technical issues. This helps you improve operational efficiencies and performance. Forsythe is an authorized first-call support partner of leading technology vendors. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that range from simple first call support to a fully managed environment.



Data Protection

Rapid increases in data volume and availability, employee mobility and penalties for failing to comply with strict regulatory requirements have made safeguarding data a critical concern. Companies are scrambling to protect their data and networks, and face a difficult challenge. Read More »

Threat & Vulnerability Management

With Internet-connected services, organizations are providing unprecedented access to information that makes it easier to conduct business and enhance user experience. However, this has enabled malicious actors to exploit information without having physical access to the organization. Read More »

Security Program Governance

Most organizations have come to realize that cyber security is a persistent business risk. But as the frequency and costs of data breaches continue to climb, it has become clear that IT security programs are lacking, and critical information security processes, technologies and staffing needs are not being met. Read More »

Application Security

Applications and data are the main targets of today’s attackers. Over the past few years, focus has expanded from web applications to mobile applications as the number of mobile users accessing corporate data continues to increase, leaving organizations vulnerable to data breaches. Read More »

Core Infrastructure Security

Until recently, the “perimeter” was the boundary between the corporate workspace and the Internet. Internal systems were “trusted,” while anything outside was “untrusted”. To protect the corporate network from external systems, a firewall was typically implemented at the perimeter to grant or deny access based on a defined set of rules. Read More »

Identity & Access Management

Managing the identities and privileges of an increasingly diverse group of users—including employees, partners and clients—that use a multitude of devices to log into systems both inside and outside the enterprise is a critical challenge. Read More »

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