Forsythe + Symantic

Forsythe and Symantec have provided clients with quality service and expertise since the partnership began in 1999. Forsythe partnered with Symantec to offer joint solutions in the Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) and to help clients with their data centers using Symantec’s Information Management and Information Availability solutions:

Featured Services & Solutions

Software-Defined Data Center Solutions

The software-defined data center (SDDC) is the vision for bringing agility, portability, and resilience to data centers where all infrastructures are virtualized and delivered as a service and the control of this data center is entirely automated by software. The SDDC promises abstraction, pooling, and automation for all data center resources and services. Symantec helps customers accelerate their journey to the software-defined data center through integrated security, end-to-end business continuity, and compliance solutions.

Business Continuity Solutions

To meet your business continuity plan’s strictest of SLAs, Symantec's high availability and wide-area disaster recovery technologies deliver fully automated failover capabilities to make sure risk of downtime is minimized and entire business services can be restored in less than a minute.

Data Center Transformation Solutions

The journey to the agile data center exposes organizations to new risks including security breaches, loss of data, and business downtime. Symantec security, data protection, storage management, business continuity and compliance solutions can help transform data centers faster, more efficiently, and with less risk across all major platforms.

Security Solutions

Organizations need expert threat intelligence to protect their business and information with a full view into risks while building more resilience into their cyber-security programs. They need expert threat intelligence and enhanced capabilities to detect, analyze, and remediate malicious behaviors and attacks. Symantec’s threat intelligence backed security solutions allow organizations to quickly and efficiently prepare, protect, detect, and respond to threats.

Forsythe’s Technology Evaluation Center (TEC)

What is the TEC?

Forsythe’s Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) is a leading center for technology integration and design, located at Forsythe’s headquarters in Skokie, Ill. This facility features an environment demonstrating more than 150 different technologies from major manufacturers. The TEC provides a secure environment, equivalent to an enterprise data center, for no-impact, customized proof of concept (POC) testing, demonstrations, ROI analyses, product evaluations and training sessions.

Symantec in the TEC

Partnership Highlights

  • Authorized Technical Support Partner Program - NetBackup, Storage Foundation, Enterprise Vault
  • #1 North America Partner - NetBackup (2012), DLP (2011), Storage Foundation (2007-2012)
  • 2009 Symantec Partner of the Year
  • Platinum Partner, National Focus Partner
  • Big Bets Partner, Consulting Services Partner, User Authentication Partner

Partnership Levels

Forsythe holds many Specializations and accreditations from Symantec — a testament to our ongoing partnership.


  • 111 Sales Expert Accreditations
  • 85 Technical and Master Technical Accreditations
    • NetBackup (STS, SSE+)
    • NetBackup Catalog Manipulation
    • Storage Foundation (STS, SSE+)
    • VERITAS Cluster Server (STS, SSE+)
    • Enterprise Vault (STS, SEE+)
    • Training & Experienced NetBackup 50x0 and 52x0 Application Implementation
  • Symantec Platinum Partner
  • Enterprise Backup and Recovery Expert Partner (NetBackup)
  • Endpoint Protection Expert Partner (SEP, Encryption)
  • Mid-Market Backup and Recovery Expert Partner (Backup Exec)
  • Dynamic Storage and Continuity Expert Partner (Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, Storage Foundation High Availability, Disaster Recovery Advisor)

Key Contacts

Matt Coffey

Solutions Product Manager

Phone: (317) 455-5547

Andy Pawlowski

Principal Sales Engineer

Phone: (734) 365-9203

Mike Brabeck

National Partner Manager

Phone: (773) 910-6959