Technology decisions cost time and money. How do you efficiently learn what you need to make the right IT investment, before you commit? The technology may seem great on paper, but how will it behave in your environment? Are there any hidden implementation steps?

Forsythe Approach

Forsythe’s Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) offers a cost-effective way for you to try, before you buy. Gain peace of mind by testing and comparing products, and validating proposed solutions upfront. Our TEC is an independent, multi-vendor test bed for 150+ technologies from more than 40 leading manufacturers and vendors. Whether you need to boost your environment’s security, maximize storage, evaluate a new application on your infrastructure or test a proposed client offering, you can significantly shorten your test-and-development cycle and avoid disruption in your own data center. Work with Forsythe in a hands-on, live environment—on-site or remotely. We will customize your testing situation so you can obtain the information you need to make quick, accurate decisions. Sign up for a demo.


  • Demonstrations – evaluate product features and functions in a real, working setting

  • Bake-offs – compare customized configurations

  • Proofs-of-concept – identify a solution based on metrics that address your business requirements

  • Hands-on training – get yourself and your staff up to speed on functionality pre-deployment

  • Network, security, storage, systems compute and converged architectures




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