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Processor Magazine

Disaster Recovery Planning

“Today, IT infrastructure is undergoing radical change as a result of virtualization, cloud computing, globalization of customer markets, and supply chain; however, the fundamentals of business continuity and disaster recovery are still the same,” says Michael Croy, director of business continuity solutions at Forsythe Technology (

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Jon Brodkin IDG

5 tips for a smooth Windows 7 migration

Two technologies to consider are application virtualization and user virtualization. Nik Gibson, the enterprise desktop practice leader at Forsythe, a technology consulting firm, has worked with many large enterprises on virtualization projects, and says it's often easier to virtualize applications than desktops.

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David F. Carr

Take Desktop Virtualization Step By Step

If you're managing PCs the old-fashioned way, you're missing out on an opportunity to make your organization more efficient and resilient. So says Nik Gibson, enterprise desktop practice leader for Forsythe Solutions Group, a consulting and advisory group. Gibson has published a paper on Seven Steps for a Successful VDI Implementation that talks about how to capitalize on these technologies.

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Jon Brodkin Network World

VMware customers cast a wary glance at Microsoft’s virtualization tools

VMware customers attending VMworld are taking a look at Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization software, but say the Microsoft technology falls a bit short and that it would be problematic to start over after investing heavily in VMware. In addition to customers' knowledge of VMware technology, VMware's use of long-term enterprise license agreements (ELA) makes it difficult to switch, says Nik Gibson, the enterprise desktop practice leader at Forsythe, a technology consulting firm.

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First Business

Cyber Security

VIDEO: Jeff Sizemore, national security director at Forsythe, gives tips on how to protect your business form cyber crime.

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JAMES NICCOLAI The New York Times (also CIO, InfoWorld, & others)

HP Says Prefab Data Center Cuts Costs in Half

A prefab structure can help solve that problem, allowing companies to start small and add new modules as their demand for compute power increases, said Michael Qualley, a senior vice president with IT consulting company Forsythe Solutions Group.

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Processor Magazine

In Case Of Emergency: Take Steps Now to Prevent a Power & Cooling Disaster Later

Steven Harris, director of data center planning at Forsythe Solutions Group, advises that summer is the ideal time to perform extra maintenance services. “When testing UPS batteries, generator startup batteries, fuel levels, HVAC filters, and other crucial backup components, summer is the best season because of the rising humidity and increasing temperatures,” Harris says. “Planning and preparation for energy-efficient operations during the summer is especially important in climates not used to warm temperatures year-round.”

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Equipment Leasing and Financing

After the Storm, IT Asset Financing Trends Survive and Thrive

“With manufacturers scrambling to enter each others’ markets, infrastructure integrators who can resell the range of technologies customers need play a critical role in helping customers negotiate the maze of offerings to develop the optimal solution for their particular solution,” notes Gary LoMonaco, treasurer of Forsythe Technology. 

(Please see pages 35 and 36 for article)

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Reuters (also BusinessWeek, CIO, PCWorld)

Wall Street Beat: Uncertainty Hits IT in 2nd Quarter

Uncertainty about the global economy has put a damper on tech vendor share prices, which ended the first half on Wednesday in negative territory for the year even though bellwether IT suppliers have been reporting strong -- and in some cases, record -- sales. The past three months have been the worst quarter for U.S. exchanges and economic indexes since late 2008. According to David Fisher, senior vice president and general manager of Forsythe Solutions Group, this is a time to reassess: "CEO and CFOs are involved in the decision-making process, asking the extra questions, like, 'Do we really need to do this...'"

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Shane Schick IT World Canada

Why Don't We Use BI to Analyse Security and Storage Data?

Shane Schick, editor-in-Chief of IT World Canada, reflects on comments he made about future trends in security and storage in his keynote speech at the 2010 Forsythe Customer Council (FCC) hosted by Forsythe Technology Canada in Greater Toronto in June. Schick's role provides him with a perspective on IT events and trends being reported throughout Canada and North America. In addition, as editor-in-chief of several online and print publications, he has personal experience in running a business whose primary focus is, literally, information.

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Forsythe Receives Award for "Top Technology Practices for Excellence in Storage/Virtualization" from VARBusiness Magazine

We are pleased to announce that Forsythe has received an award from VARBusiness for “Top Technology Practices” specifically in the areas of storage and virtualization. VARBusiness asserts that, “Since 1971, winner Forsythe Technology has offered IT and business consulting services, technology leasing and products from leading infrastructure manufacturers”.

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HP’s Acquisition of Palm Will Deliver Long-term Choice, Say Analysts

Hewlett-Packard's proposed acquisition of Palm for $1.2bn could bring increased choice for consumers and businesses. Acquisitions like this, if effectively managed and integrated, can result in technology and product enhancements, which fosters competition and ultimately gives consumers more choice, says Matt Pollard, director of advisory services at Forsythe Solutions Group. HP will be able to use the core competencies of Palm to provide more advanced and competitive technologies to the marketplace, he says.

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Jennifer Kavur IT World Canada

Social Media Isn’t Friends with Enterprise Security

Social media is rewriting the rules of IT security and changing the jobs of enterprise security officers, a consultant says. “Social media is quite the challenge for our industry right now,” said Jeff Sizemore, managing security consultant at Skokie, Ill.-based Forsythe Solutions Group Inc. “It’s hard to be proactive in a security manner with social media sites, versus reacting and reading log files … it’s much easier to be proactive and limit data breeches, for example, in e-mail.” Social media sites are “very sophisticated because they are very well-packaged,” said Sizemore. “It’s very tricky because you have to manage to allow a user to use a Web site, but not access specific pieces of a Web site,” he said.

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Enterprise IT Planet

Living La Vida Colo: Choosing the Right Colocation Facility

Many companies frantically commence the search for a colo when they run out of room in terms of space, power and cooling, according to Matt Pollard, director of IT strategy at Forsythe. It often boils down to simple math –- how much to add a new data center versus a much smaller outlay to begin collocating. "The majority of our customers who are moving towards colocation selection are doing so because of conditions within their existing facility," he said. "Once there is a determination of the financial investment which would be required to adequately align their facility with business growth, colocation begins to show a return on investment with minimal capital expenditure."

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Kathleen Lau ITWorld Canada

Is IT Keeping Up with a Changing Infrastructure?

As IT infrastructures become increasingly converged and components increasingly interdependent, IT admins are still not factoring in the collateral impact of individual changes to the IT environment, said one exec. Joe Wolke, director of IT strategy for Skokie, Ill.-based IT consulting firm Forsythe Solutions Group said that while technology trends like virtualization, storage consolidation, cloud computing and hosted applications serve to streamline IT functions, they do change the traditional IT equation.

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ADVANCE for Nurses

Scalpel, Suture, Tweet

It's a typical hospital scene. But the news regarding the patient's condition won't come directly from the circulating nurse or the surgeon performing the procedure, as is traditional. There will be no tense moments as family members attempt to read the mind of the healthcare professional who's tasked with trying to put the best words together regarding their loved one's condition. Instead, everyone will get the news over the Internet, through a laptop computer that they've gathered around and have logged into a popular social networking site that's giving frequent reports as to the details of the operation.

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Processor Magazine

Cost-Saving Strategies For Data Center Projects: Consider Your Options When Planning For Improvements

Thinking about expanding your present data center or building a new one? Contrary to what you might think, now is the time small and midsized enterprises should consider forging ahead with these plans rather than putting them on hold. That’s the advice from Steven Harris, director of data center engineering at technology consultancy Forsythe Technology.

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Alan Radding Business Finance’s Big Fat Finance Blog

Telecommute to Your Virtual Finance Department

Telecommuting is the key to establishing a virtual finance department. Through telecommuting, secure online collaboration and document-sharing space, and using financial applications delivered through the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model—all issues previously discussed here—you don’t need a physical finance office at all.

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Paolo Del Nibletto Computer Dealer News

Top 5 Solution Providers to Watch in 2010: Forsythe Solutions

Forsythe Solutions Group Inc. has been under the radar in Canada for the past two years. The large consultant and technology reselling power from Skokie, Ill., entered the market without any fanfare after delivering 38 profitable years in its domestic market. But that's all about to change.

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