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Siobhan Byron, President - Forsythe Technology Canada Dragana Vranic, Director - Managed Services InSecure

Securing the Enterprise: Is Your IT Department Under Siege

In the last five years, enterprise IT departments today are facing a never-ending, always-increasing global onslaught of threats at a time their budgets have either been frozen or slashed.

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PC Today

Managed Mindset: How to Select the Right Managed Service Provider

When selecting a managed service provider, companies are often faced with a dizzying array of choices that can lead to an improper fit if they didn’t perform due diligence. Dragana Vranic, Director of Managed Services for Forsythe, recommends finding answers to key questions to determine the best MSP fit for your company.

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Denis Richer, Senior Manager, Data Center Engineering Computer Technology Review

Safeguarding Data Centers: Are Your Assets Protected?

In these times of financial uncertainty, any impact to a company's business is magnified. Because of this, a chief information officer (CIO) needs to know that the IT assets installed within his or her corporate data centers are protected against failure.

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Bob Brewer, Solution Architect Internet Telephony

Wireless Networks: Why Enterprises Are Moving to Controller-Based Access Point Solutions

There are currently two deployment models for wireless enterprise access points: controller-based with lightweight access points and autonomous access points. Most major wireless manufacturers offer both solutions, but the trend is moving fast to controller-based solutions in the enterprise space. What factors are driving this shift?

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Siobhan Byron, President - Forsythe Technology Canada SC Magazine

Cloud: A Risk/Reward Proposition

Is going to the cloud worth it? Even with today's tough economic conditions, many IT and business executives wonder whether the cost, flexibility and efficiency advantages of migrating to the cloud are worth the risks.

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David Rubio, Senior Consultant HPCwire

On Wall Street, The Race to Zero Continues

At the 2011 High Performance Computing Financial Markets Conference held last week in New York. David Rubio, Senior Consultant at Forsythe Solutions Group, discussed application optimization -- referred to as “Wall Street Optimization” at the conference, including the ways to diagnose bottlenecks.

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Ron Jackson, Network Product Manager Internet Telephony

Simplifying IT with Converged Infrastructures

To address expense and complexity issues, a converged infrastructure approach to IT design, purchase and management is emerging. A converged infrastructure is a predesigned, integrated, and often prebuilt stack of compute, storage, network and management systems.

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Robert Simmons, Master Consultant CIO Update

Implementing KM, Part I: Concepts & Approach

A winning knowledge management program (KMP), one that increases staff productivity, product and service quality, and deliverable consistency by capitalizing upon codified intellectual and knowledge-based assets, cannot subsist on technology solutions alone, It must also consider people, processes, structure, and culture.

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Robert L. Mitchell | PC Advisor

Big Businesses Take a Small Bite of the Apple

Mike Reed, an Apple solutions practice manager at IT services provider Forsythe Solutions Group, sees it differently, arguing that having parallel applications isn't always necessary. For example, Microsoft Vizio files can be read by OmniGraffle on the Mac. "It's less about the app and more about interacting with the data," he says.

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Does the iPad Change Enterprise Computing?

At the FUSION 2011 CEO-CIO Symposium, William Brennan , CEO at Forsythe Technologies, recounted his approach to the iPad. After several showed up on the company network, including two owned by board members, he told his CIO, Daniel Rodgers, to buy six for his team and figure out how to make them safe. It took just a couple of days, he said.

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Martin Likier, Master Consultant CIO Update

Better Outcomes: Integrating Defect and Problem Management

This article presents one approach you can use to develop a PPM process by leveraging the existing tools you likely have in place. The approach is based on integrating your organization’s IT application development group’s defect management tool with a PM process.

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Russell Working

Technology Firm Takes Magazine Online

Forsythe’s Focus seeks to bring in customers searching for IT solutions—and to educate them about the company.

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Kim Borg Computer Technology Review 07.07.2011

Thinking Outside The Box: Solving A Company's Data Demands With A Twin Data Center Design And Build

What happens when an organization experiences rapid growth due to an expanding client base but has an aging data center – housed in a building that has reached its electrical design maximum – and a local power company that is unable to provide additional capacity? The answer lies in seeking out expert guidance – and fast.

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Cliff McGlamry, Network Master Consultant Internet Telephony

Security Without Thought Comes at a Staggering Price

Due to the increasing number and seriousness of security breaches, I see companies tightening their security without stopping to consider the total impacts of what they are doing, what problem they are fixing, and how they will identify and address negative issues caused by the changes implemented.

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Mike Tainter, Director of IT Service Management CIO Update

The 5 Ways a CMS Provides Value

There is no question in the IT industry today an effective and actionable configuration management system (CMS) can provide a lot of value. However, a CMS cannot stand alone. It should be supported by a well defined process and provide integration with other processes within the service lifecycle.

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Jeremy Chapman, Practice Manager for Unified Communications Internet Telephony

Why Virtualize Unified Communications Applications?

Virtualization and server technology have advanced to the point that every major UC vendor supports application virtualization including call control, contact center and messaging – albeit on different virtualization technologies and server platforms. Why Virtualize UC Applications?

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Tom Groenfeldt WTN Media

Maintaining Strategic Business Relationships Between the CEO and CIO

William Brennan, CEO at Forsythe Technologies, a technology solutions provider, keeps his company's information technology initiatives focused on driving strategic business value as an essential component of his job. Brennan presented the opening keynote at the recent Fusion 2011 CEO-CIO Symposium addressing the importance and significance of a strong working relationship between the CEO and the Chief Information Officer.

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Joe Wolke, Director - IT Strategy Practice, Michael Croy, National Director - Business Continuity Practice Computer Technology Review

Business Continuity Reigns: Service Resilience in a Virtual World

For many years, the convergence of business and information technology (IT) has remained a hot topic. Today, business and IT are fully integrated. If the business changes, IT changes. If IT changes, the business changes. But what does this mean for business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR)? It is no longer an afterthought built on top of the IT structure. Rather, BC/DR is now at the service level, not just at the IT organization level.

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Ron Jackson, Network Product Manager Internet Telephony

Making WAN Optimization Part of the IT Landscape

Traditional technology networks can easily become crowded, leading to slow application response times, employee frustration, lower productivity, and often unexpected costs for a company. National and global organizations with end users distributed across tens, hundreds or even thousands of locations across the globe are always looking for fast and affordable access to applications.

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Michael Tainter, Director - ITSM CIO Update

Critical Design Elements for the Cloud

Whether or not the cloud is something new or just something old re-branded is an academic question. What is important right now is that IT organizations figure out how to adapt and mature their design capabilities to meet the demands of the business.

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David Halford, Practice Manager of Business Continuity Services Internet Telephony

The Hidden Business Continuity Benefits of LAN/WAN Optimization

Business continuity and disaster recovery projects consist of a fairly basic process of first understanding the impacts of a potential business outage and then developing solutions that appropriately mitigate them. In recent years, BC/DR projects have been identified by a number of CIO surveys as one of the top issues to address.

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CIO, orginally published by IDG

Wall Street Beat: Software to Drive IT Growth

"Data has been exploding," said Michael Qualley, senior vice president of Systems Solutions and Technology Products at Forsythe Technology, a technology consulting and systems integration company. "It used to double every four years; now it is doubling every two years."

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Martin Likier, Senior Consultant - ITSM

9 Steps Closer to a Successful CMS, Part II

The efforts made in properly planning and designing your CMS will place you in a better position to add value and enhance your organization's management capabilities. In part II of this two-part series, we look at tools, schemes, structure and continuous improvement.

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