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Patrick Zelten The Frugal Networker

How a Managed Service Provider Can Help Your IT Career Hit the Big Leagues

To become a superstar within the organization, you need to do something spectacular – something that helps transform the business for the better, or at least delivers noticeable value to it. This is where bringing on a managed service provider (MSP) can help. If you can hand off most of the 65 percent “keeping the lights on” duties to an MSP, you will gain back time for you and your staff to perform more meaningful work.

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Patrick Zelten Baseline Magazine

Can Managed Services Enhance Your IT Operation?

The article discusses guidelines that can help IT organizations determine which systems absolutely must be managed in-house and which can be managed effectively through alternative means. The result can mean less time spent “keeping the lights on” and more time for innovation.

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Patrick Zelten SiliconANGLE

Making the Transition to Managed Services Successfully

A great partnership begins with both sides understanding what needs to be included in the scope of work. This initial step is about more than service level agreements (SLAs). It requires clearly defining what the MSP is responsible for, and the things for which your company is responsible. That sounds obvious, but it’s far from simple. All too often these partnerships go wrong because it’s assumed that the MSP will handle this, or your IT staff will handle that, and in the end no one handles it. That’s when finger-pointing starts.

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Siobhan Byron Computer Technology Review

How Managed Services Can Keep Your IT Department from Becoming Overwhelmed

In his classic rock staple, Against the Wind, singer-songwriter Bob Seger laments about the difficulty of fighting against the inevitable. While the line “what to leave in, what to leave out” no doubt refers to his personal songwriting process, it also has a much broader meaning for those of us in the IT world (which is how songs like this get to be classics). As lives (and businesses) mature, more and more keeps getting piled on until it often becomes overwhelming.

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Siobhan Byron Computer Dealer News

Six Ways to Make the Transition to Managed Services Successful

Partnerships often start out with the same goals, but somewhere along the way disgreements can arise around direction. A once-great partnership can turn into conflict. 

Discover six ways to help ensure your partnership is a long and happy one.

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Keith Olsen Information Management

Top 3 Data Security Challenges for IT Managers

Today, IT managers and corporate management aren’t just focused on big data, despite its overwhelming media coverage. In fact, when we discuss data security concerns with IT managers, there are three other factors getting as much of or even more of their attention.

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Matthew G. Cook, Bruce Wiatrak and Keith Olsen InformationWeek

Strategy: 5 Top BYOD Threats for 2013

If you don't yet have a mobility strategy, resolve to proactively and aggressively plan for the bring-your-own-device environment. 

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