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Dragana Vranic and Kim Cuthbert ComputerWeekly

Supercharging cyber security protection: Questions to ask when hiring a managed services provider

"With information security concerns and challenges at an all-time high, and a global shortage of security professionals to address them, some enterprises are turning to managed security services for help. To ease the selection process, Dragana Vranic and Kim Cuthbert list some useful things to keep in mind when shopping for a provider..." Read More »
Robert Gates TechTarget

Uptime Certification Misuse Leads to Big Changes

"The Uptime Institute's tier-level certification will now only be handed out to constructed projects that meet the standards, not for designs. ... Steve Harris, vice president of data center development for Forsythe Data Centers Inc., said he's heard concerns about the two different tier certifications for a long time. Forsythe recently had its 221,000-square-foot data center in Elk Grove Village, Ill. receive a Tier III certification for a constructed facility..." Read More »
Rick Kurtzbein 451 Research

Forsythe Data Centers Opens New Chicago 'Retail Plus' Datacenter

"Forsythe Data Centers is no startup company seeking entry into one of the top North American multi-tenant datacenter (MTDC) markets. As an IT infrastructure integrator headquartered in Chicago with a datacenter services practice, the firm knows the MTDC sector and the local market well. Its team leveraged its existing customer database and surveyed firms to understand what MTDC customers value and require for critical infrastructures..." Read More »
Bob Dvorak Banking Exchange

CIOs Must Think Like CEOs

"IT spending in the banking and financial services industry is second only to the software/internet industry, according to estimates from Gartner Inc. So, in terms of cash control, a number of CIOs at banks control bigger budgets than CEOs of large firms in other industries..." Read More »
Jason Verge Data Center Knowledge

Forsythe’s Massive Chicago Area Data Center Achieves Tier III Constructed Facility

“Any design can be defeated during construction and testing,” said Julian Kudritzki, COO of Uptime Institute. “Forsythe has achieved Tier III Certifications of Design Documents and Constructed Facility, demonstrating ‘truth in certification’ through rigorous planning, execution, and system testing...” Read More »

Angela Guess Dataversity

Forsythe Data Centers Earns Prestigious Tier III Certification from Uptime Institute

"According to a recent article, “Forsythe Technology announced today that Uptime Institute awarded Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility to the new Forsythe Data Centers 221,000-square-foot Retail+® colocation facility in Elk Grove Village, Illinois on May 27, 2015..." Read More »
Bob Dvorak Corp! Magazine

Why Data Should Drive Your Deployment to the Cloud

"The era of the cloud is upon us, and it’s almost singlehandedly up to the CIO to help a business get there, according to market reports by Gartner, IDG and Verizon. However, there’s one-step in the journey the CIO is missing: a data-driven asset..." Read More »
Bob Dvorak Data Center Knowledge

Why an Application Strategy Can Make or Break a Cloud Migration

"Sixty-nine percent of enterprises already run applications in the cloud today, according to a recent report from IDG. However, many of those organizations have not implemented the critical first step of migration: devising a migration strategy for their application portfolio..." Read More »
Bob Dvorak Venture Beat

'Cutting to the Bone' is the Wrong Move in Private Equity

"We’re in the age of the private equity explosion. From the deals that merged Burger King and Tim Horton’s to Heinz and Kraft, private equity firms are constantly on the hunt to squeeze out additional profits, but they may neglect a major treasure trove: technology..."

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Bob Dvorak Smart Data Collective

5 Smart Data Tips for New CIOs to Drive Business

"Whether its day one or day 501, it’s practically vital for CIOs to make a splash and prove their worth. While business executives tend to dismiss the CIO as a strategic partner, the emergence of new digital tools, the need for reliable data and a growing demand for analytics have provided CIOs ammo to prove otherwise..." Read More »
Bob Dvorak

Power Up Your IT Budget by Zero-ing in on Waste

"Consider the names of some of America’s most recognizable organizations. According to the Fortune 500 ranking, Hershey has revenues of more than $7 billion, Motorola takes in $8.7 billion, and popular toymaker Mattel is credited with almost $6.5 billion in revenue. America’s most recognizable banks, however, spend more just on technology..." Read More »
Jabez Tan Structure Research

Tour Notes: Forsythe Data Centers New Chicago Facility

"We got a sneak preview of Forsythe Data Centers’s newly built facility in Elk Grove Village set to come online in June 2015. More insight and data points from our recent data centre tour below..." Read More »
David Spark

20 Cloud Deployment Mistakes to Avoid

“Don’t think about cloud deployment alone,” suggested David Poarch, VP of security solutions, Forsythe. “Focus on the best way to operate a hybrid environment, seamlessly incorporating both legacy and digital cloud capabilities…” Read More »
Karl Fruecht and Jason Ausburn

Cyber Security Planning: Reducing Your Organization's Attack Surface through Application Management

"Your network has its own superfluous doors in the form of valueless IT: assets you no longer use or that cost more to maintain than they're worth. Each of these doors simply increases your organization's attack surface. .... The right application management strategy, however, brings your assets into focus so you understand not only where you're vulnerable but also how to fix weaknesses..." Read More »
Gail Dutton AFCOM

Five Steps to Better Vendor Vetting

"Bigger isn’t always better, and innovative technologies aren’t always best. But, when choosing vendors and suppliers, the best choices aren’t always evident until the equipment is installed or the contract has been let..." Read More »
Philbert Shih Structure Research

Forsythe Set to Launch New Data Centre and Managed Hosting Business

"Forsythe has just launched a new hosting division that will offer colocation, managed hosting and managed security services out of this flagship facility. Forsythe Data Centers will now fall under the new banner of Forsythe Hosting Solutions..." Read More »
Computer Dealer News

Top 100 Solution Provider Introduces New Hosting Solutions

"The parent company of Mississauga, Ont.-based Forsythe Technology Canada has created a hosting solutions division that will combine the company’s managed security services and its managed hosting services into one..." Read More »
Karl Fruecht and Jason Ausburn Information Age

The Real Cost of Outsourcing IT

"The IT skills shortage, as well as pressure CIOs feel to executive new digital demands within the limitations of tight budgets, has solidified outsourcing’s role. These days, it’s rare for businesses not to outsource at least one aspect of their IT organization..." Read More »
Patrick Conway and Walter Musto CIO Review

Managing IT Storage Growth Through Uncharted Territories

"Storage and backup can easily spin out of control when organizations grow quickly, suddenly forcing IT to work in reactive mode." Patrick Conway and Walter Musto discuss the importance of forward-thinking decisions that lead to easier navigation of a clearer course.

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Karl Fruecht SC Magazine

This Key Unlocks the Door to a Network Virtualization Wonderland

"A door stands between the cumbersome networks of the past and a Wonderland of security, efficiency, portability and automation. You can follow certain methods, however, to make sure that you do not have to suffer through an ordeal like Alice did to locate the key..." Read More »
Bob Dvorak C-Suite Network

There May Be Dinosaurs Among Us: CIOs Face "A Darwinian Moment"

"Two recent studies reveal a troubling rift between the CIO and other C-suite executives. In this article, the first in a two-part series, we’ll explore some of the challenges facing CIOs today. Then, we’ll make some recommendations to CIOs to help them align and unify their organization’s IT strategy with their company’s business strategy. CIOs may be facing an extinction-level event..." Read More »
Bob Dvorak

Your CIO’s Not Strategic? Five Ways to Fix the Flaw

"Long gone are the days when the chief information officer’s role was to “keep the lights on.” That isn’t enough in this digital age. CFOs, along with CEOs and board members, expect technology to be at the heart of their organization’s business transformation..." Read More »
Steve Harris Mission Critical Magazine

Why IT Should Think Differently About the Data Center

"The average data center in the United States is 18 years old. This means that many businesses are relying on infrastructures that were built when 16 MB RAM was considered to be a lot of storage and iPhones were the stuff of science fiction..." Read More »
Dragana Vranic and Kim Cuthbert Information Age

6 things to look for in a Managed Security Services Provider

"With information security concerns and challenges at an all-time high and a global shortage of security professionals to address them, some enterprises are turning toward managed security services to help them..." Read More »

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