Forsythe and Veritas have provided clients with quality service and expertise since the partnership began in 1999. This ongoing partnership allows Forsythe and Veritas to continue working together to help clients get the most out of their business.

Featured Services & Solutions

Together, Forsythe and Veritas are uniquely poised to help companies harness the power, and availability of their information. Veritas Netbackup can be found in 85% of the Fortune 2000, while Forsythe closely partners with more than 100 of these clients annually. With Veritas technologies, Forsythe provides a consultative and strategic approach to backup, solutions and services.

FlexOps: Simplicity for NetBackup

Simple, customized consumption-based solutions for clients to utilize backup solutions:

VeritasNetBackup Appliance 5300 Series

Protect both virtual and physical environments using NetBackup integrated media server with storage:

First Call Support

24x7 technical support access to reduce complexity, cost and downtime:

Enterprise Backup & Recovery HealthCheck

Analyze overall current and future state of a client's environment:

Veritas Risk Advisor

Risk elimination for client to raise system availability and data protection

Veritas InfoScale™ 7.0 (Storage Foundation High Availability)

Agile, optimized quality of service (QoS) and greater cost efficiencies to help clients concentrate on growing the business.


Forsythe’s Technology Evaluation Center (TEC)

What is the TEC?

Forsythe Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) is a leading center for technology integration and design, located in Forsythe Data Centers® in Elk Grove Village, Ill. This facility features an environment demonstrating more than 250 different technologies from major manufacturers. The TEC provides a secure environment, equivalent to an enterprise data center, for no-impact, customized proof of concept (POC) testing, demonstrations, ROI analyses, product evaluations and training sessions. 

Veritas in the TEC:

Partnership Levels

Partnership Levels

    • Americas Solution Provider Partner of the Year Award 2016

    • Veritas Platinum Partner
    • Expert Partner Competencies in Enterprise Backup and Recovery and Dynamic Storage and Continuity
    • TSPP/First Call Support Customer


    • NetBackup Master Consultants
    • Enterprise Backup & Recovery
    • Mid-Market Backup & Recovery
    • Dynamic Storage & Continuity

Key Contacts


Matt Coffey

Forsythe Partner Alliance Manager


Walter Musto

Forsythe Senior Director, Solutions Delivery