Many companies experience divisive business environments with a lack of trust and poor communication between the business and IT. For decades, IT infrastructures were designed to run systems of record applications, while business units have rapidly adopted systems of engagement. As a result, new stress points have emerged in data centers, devices and infrastructures. This complexity severely undermines productivity by creeping into cross-functional business processes, thereby creating new silos, work effort redundancies and project ownership ambiguity. Until companies directly address these problems with a long-term vision, complexity will continue to weigh down productivity and distrust will build throughout an organization. 

Removal of dead weight in the application portfolio is where the business value of IT comes to light. Allowing IT to become strategic instead of just a cost item and business value to become qualitative, helps make IT and the business one cohesive entity.

Forsythe Approach

Improving your IT operating model starts with the application layer.  The common bond between business and IT is the set of applications delivered and supported through IT, known as the application portfolio. This bond is like a neutral zone. Over time, the applications pile up and eventually lose their financial and business value. Forsythe can help you gain complete transparency into your application portfolio. We can help you pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in your application portfolio with the accuracy you need to succeed.

Our data-driven methodology reveals the true value of your application portfolio by providing instant transparency. Use the IT and business metrics that are important to establish enterprise-wide priorities and allocate capital: starve the “sells,” monitor the “holds” and feed the “buys.” 

Rationalize your application portfolio, cut costly redundancies and invest in the best IT that performs against key business and IT metrics.

Forsythe shines a light on your application portfolio and gets business and IT communicating and strategizing like never before. 


Application Inventory & Valuation

Accurately pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in your application portfolio, using our new generation, forward-thinking, business-disrupting value rationalization software. 

Application Placement & Rationalization

Determine the best way to efficiently deliver services to the business. Forsythe provides you with a fact-based assessment of the value of each application in your portfolio, and the assignment of a Buy-Hold-Sell rating aligned with your desired business outcome. You can then laser focus on the Sell applications, and start a forensic examination to migrate and retire these assets.

Buy-Hold-Sell IT Portfolio Management Reporting

Reveal the true value of each application within your portfolio using our data driven methodology to provide instant transparency. Use the scores to establish your enterprise-wide priorities and allocate capital: starve the "sells," monitor the "holds," and feed the “buys”.

IT Project & Infrastructure Portfolio Integration

Leverage your data-driven insights to take your business from reactive to proactive when you unify IT and the business around the same goals. Forsythe helps give you transparency into how your applications are supported by projects and infrastructure within the IT portfolio. This integration will allow your IT team to concentrate on innovation, investing in systems of engagement rather than on valueless assets. 

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