Application Security

Applications and data are the main targets of today’s attackers. Over the past few years, focus has expanded from web applications to mobile applications as the number of mobile users accessing corporate data continues to increase, leaving organizations vulnerable to data breaches.

Forsythe helps you facilitate the testing, remediation and protection of applications that have become mandatory precautions against attacks, and enable compliance with both internal security policies and external regulatory requirements.

We partner with the leading manufacturers of application security solutions, conduct product testing in our state-of-the-art Technology Evaluation Center, and offer a range of related advisory services including Web Application Assessments, Static Code Reviews, Application Architecture Assessments and services designed to integrate security into the SDLC. We help you reduce web and mobile application threats, and ensure that business applications are tested for security as rigorously as they are tested for functionality and performance.

Key focus areas include: 

Secure Software Development Lifecycle (S-SDLC)

Many organizations haven’t formalized a secure software development program. Too much time is spent reacting to security issues in completed applications rather than proactively eliminating issues before the applications are deployed.

Forsythe helps ensure that every phase of the SDLC stresses security no matter your development methodology, organizational culture, types of applications and risk profile. We work with you to develop a secure SDLC integration program including recommended policies and guidelines that address the areas of people, process and technology that are critical to a successful development process. By integrating security into the early stages of the SDLC, we help you reduce costs and produce secure applications more effectively.

Web Application Security

Web applications are under siege. Attackers are working around the clock to steal data and disrupt access. Next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and other traditional network security products have proven ineffective against web-based threats. 

Forsythe offers best-in-class web application security solutions including web application firewalls (WAF) that analyze user access to business-critical web applications and act on threats that are woven into innocent-looking website traffic. With customized product testing and expert services that include technology implementation and tuning, we help you protect critical web applications and data from costly breaches.

Database Security

Every organization that collects and processes data faces two major challenges: meeting regulatory compliance requirements and effectively protecting data from data theft. Security solutions such as database activity monitoring (DAM) and database firewalls help organizations discover database assets and risks, monitor and analyze database activity and reduce the exposure of unpatched database servers. 

Forsythe offers leading database security solutions, and expert services that include database security assessments, and technology implementation, optimization and tuning. We help you gain visibility into the security posture of databases that contain sensitive information and comply with internal and external requirements.

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