When Gallup polls Americans on the professions they trust most, care providers – nurses and physicians –top the list each year1. Trust is not just critical to your healthcare organization’s brand – it is your brand. And it’s up to you to make sure your technology approach and solutions support that.
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Build a modern, secure, digital healthcare brand

In order to protect the trust your brand has earned, you must evolve to become an agile, secure, data-driven digital organization by simultaneously balancing three imperatives:


Modernization includes upgrading your legacy technologies in the face of mergers and acquisitions and optimizing traditional data center assets

Security requires doing the basics well to keep data safe—even if that means outsourcing some aspects of your security for better protection

Innovation will allow you to remain market-relevant by providing new capabilities through digital transformation and a clear cloud strategy

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One umbrella for your healthcare technology

Using the comprehensive IBM technology umbrella for healthcare applications, you can achieve technical, architectural, operational and financial efficiency by avoiding the pitfalls of complex, disparate point solutions.

The compatibility and flexibility of IBM solutions set the Systems Storage and Power8 servers apart. They are optimized to deploy with EPIC, Lawson and Cerner, empowering providers to consolidate data stores, improve collaborative efforts across the healthcare ecosystem, and keep data management costs in check.

Additionally, IBM QRadar Siem-as-a-Service can support ever-changing security threats and staffing challenges.

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A proven partnership
Forsythe is now a subsidiary of Sirius

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We offer the following key services for healthcare providers:

Consultative strategy and ongoing support: Forsythe provides strategic direction on your larger healthcare technical, architectural, operational and financial picture. We also offer supporting IBM-specific technical Power and Systems Storage applications-based strategy and continued alignment. Our FlexIT block of hours helps you be proactive with your IBM and other critical, interdependent technologies.

Migration: Forsythe specializes in migrations for critical workloads. Our long-time legacy in complex migration strategy and implementations with multiple technologies goes far beyond the typical boutique or single-manufacturer approach.

Managed Security: Forsythe Managed Security solutions can support and ensure compliance with Forsythe’s IBM QRadar SIEM-as-a-Service solution.

Financial: Forsythe’s Business-as-Usual Financial Assessment examines the state of your current and proposed solution and its impacting factors to provide the justification you need to gain approval from your board of executives. Supporting financial solutions can be aligned to support your specific CAPEX/OPEX requirements.

Specialized IBM Power Tuning: Forsythe has the expertise to help you understand how to maximize performance with your key IBM Power solutions.

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1Americans Rate Healthcare Providers High on Honesty, Ethics, Gallup News, December 19, 2016 (



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