Forsythe and Palo Alto Networks work together to help clients resolve their critical security problems. With security breaches and compromises on the rise, Palo Alto Networks and Forsythe focus on cybersecurity through safe application enablement and cyber breach prevention.

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Together, the Forsythe and Palo Alto Networks ongoing partnership is driven by compatibility and support through deep expertise and commitment to innovation.

Next-Generation Security Platform

Built around the next-generation firewall, the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform is natively integrated with every other element, enabling it to automatically detect and prevent advanced attacks and unknown threats. Combined with Forsythe’s experience, implementation and managed services capabilities, the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform truly helps clients anticipate and fend off breaches across the attack lifecycle.

In February 2017, Palo Alto Networks announced the release of PAN-OS 8.0 which added a colossal amount of enhancements and capabilities, including:

• Secure any cloud: AWS, Azure and more
• Secure SaaS (Office 365®, Box, Slack®) with visibility and enforcement
• Prevent sandbox evasion, automate C2 detection, and leverage advanced intel sharing
• Prevent credential theft usage and abuse
• Simplify security operations with enhanced management, speed and automation
• New high-performance hardware models to tackle encrypted traffic and more

To learn more about this release, download the PAN-OS 8.0 Release Notes.  

 Platform Triangle

Network Security Management

Next-Generation Firewalls – Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls are all based on a consistent Single-Pass Architecture, enabling security capability that is unique in the industry. This architecture is implemented in a portfolio of both physical and virtual appliances, designed to cover a range of performance and use case requirements.
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Virtualized Next-Generation Firewalls
– The Palo Alto Networks next-generation security platform lets you safely enable applications through granular visibility and policy-based control, and then prevent both known and unknown threats from moving laterally (VM to VM), thereby reducing risk and improving your security efficacy overall. Plus, centralized management and native automation features ensure that security keeps pace with your business.
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Networks Security Management
– Security deployments are complex and overload IT teams with convoluted security rules and mountains of data from multiple sources. Panorama™ network security management empowers you with easy-to-implement, consolidated policy creation and centralized management features. Set up and control firewalls centrally with industry-leading functionality and an efficient rule base, and gain insight into network-wide traffic and threats.
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Subscriptions - Palo Alto Networks subscriptions empower you to add integrated protection from both known and unknown threats, classification and filtering of URLs to ensure only valid applications, users and content can operate. Build specific policies that enable your business to operate with the benefits of fully integrated protection.

Endpoint Security

Palo Alto Networks Traps takes a unique approach to endpoint security, designed to provide complete security protection for the endpoint, including the prevention of both conventional attacks as well as advanced and targeted attacks that traditional solutions cannot prevent.

Instead of looking to identify the millions of individual attacks themselves, or detect malicious behavior that may be undetectable, Traps focuses on the core techniques that every attacker must link together in order to execute their attack. By setting up a series of exploit ‘traps’ into the process to mitigate these techniques, Traps can thwart the attack immediately before any malicious activity can successfully run.

This unique approach allows Traps to be agnostic to application, protecting all applications, including those developed by 3rd parties.
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Cloud Security

Unsanctioned use of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications is creating gaps in security visibility and new risks for threat propagation, data leakage and regulatory noncompliance. Aperture extends the visibility and granular control of our security platform into SaaS applications themselves – an area traditionally invisible to IT. Aperture solves this problem by looking into SaaS applications directly, providing full visibility into the day-to-day activities of users and data. Granular controls ensure policy is maintained to eliminate data exposure and threat risks.
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Flipping the Economics of Attacks, a Ponemon Report

Preventing Credential-Based Attacks

The theft and use of stolen passwords is one of the oldest attacks in the book, yet it remains highly effective. With stolen credentials, an adversary can bypass the entire attack lifecycle by impersonating a valid user, move uninterrupted throughout the organization's network, and shift to the abuse of credentials from within.

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